Lev you are a versatile and sensitive headshot photographer, with an actor's insight as to what both impacts and comes through the lens and gets actors in the audition room. You draw natural performances out of your subjects, showing them in their most essential light.  

- Robyn Ziegler Talent Management


Thank you, Lev.  You captured me in the most real way and  exceeded my expectations.  I will use these new headshots proudly as I continue down my career path.  I’ve shot with numerous headshot photographers in New York City over the years but yours are in a category by themselves!

- Gabe Fazio, actor/writer/director (Homeland, Crashing, Blue Bloods, Place Beyond The Pines)


Lev has truly helped me make an awesome first impression with casting directors. My agents were impressed, and I am constantly receiving compliments on my headshots from casting directors. Shooting with Lev was laid back and  fun. I was able to relax and really let my personality come through. The result were headshots that were both flattering and unique - they are a genuine, quirky, beautiful and unique representation of "me"      

- Stephen Lukas, actor (The Book Of Mormon, Broadway)


Lev is the best there is in New York City when it comes to Actor Headshots. His acting experience and sense of humor create an environment where you can easily relax and get the great shot you need to get that audition!!!   

- Shane Patrick Kearns, actor (Chicago Med, NBC)


Lev makes you work with him to capture your true essence; that elusive sparkle in your eye which casting directors and reps are always searching for in your headshot.  

- Zina Wilde, actor (Billions, The Blacklist, Madoff, The Bleeder)


Lev Gorn will help you accomplish the highest level of professionalism in the first impression you make on casting directors and producers with your headshot.  In the most competitive of industries, his expertise is indispensable. GornPhoto headshots speak for themselves - impeccable photography, perfect composition, and most importantly, a creative connection between artist and photographer that brings out the essence of the actor and gets you into auditions. You can't ask for more in an actor headshot.    

- John Gallagher, Director-Producer, 305 Media Group


I really love Lev’s work and truly believe his headshots gave me that one up, that edge, to tackle the competition, get in the door, and eventually book the job!     

- Ana Parsons, actor (Dexter HBO, commercials Hersheys, Virgin Mobile, Home Goods)


Lev Gorn is fantastic to work with!  His talent and ability to capture the actor at their best, in the moment, and through the lens is remarkable. The headshot is one of the few things we have control over in this roller-coaster industry, so why not go to the best photographer in New York City?

- Ruth Pferdehirt, actor


Lev's Headshot Workshop that he offered to our students took all fear out of getting your first headshots. His insight, advice, and enthusiasm were invaluable in helping the students move forward as they prepare for their first professional New York City headshots. Lev’s has a relaxed, fun, comfortable manner, along with an extensive portfolio of winning headshots - it's a wonder that every actor in NYC doesn't shoot with him!

- Robert Hoyt, Director of Professional Development, The New School for Drama


Honestly, I have never been more comfortable, had more fun or felt more taken care of in a photo shoot than I was when shooting with Lev.  He takes 110% care of you -  from the first meeting with him, to his amazing eye for what colors are right for the individual, to the day of superbly directed photography, and everything else in between, it was pure photo chemistry - believe me - Lev's your man in New York for headshots!   

- Dawn McGee, actor (Louie, The Jim Gaffigan Show, Crashing)


Lev Gorn is an incredible photographer! Getting your headshots done with him was very rewarding. To get a good shot you must be relaxed. Once you are relaxed you can reveal who you are... Lev will work with you to get you there! Your headshot is your calling card...you must have a good one and that’s why I recommend all my friends to Lev.  His, are the best headshots in NYC.   

- Derek Michalak, actor (The Path, The Detour)


Actor headshots from GornPhoto NYC communicate artistic expression as well as a high level of understanding of the film and television industry.  Lev Gorn is a professional with a true passion for art and a wealth of knowledge to share with all of those who work with him. Mark Nistico, Director

- Producer, Silent Sea Productions


I had a fantastic experience shooting my headshots with Lev. They were actually the first headshots I ever had taken, and he put me completely at ease and spent time with me going over both what I wanted and what he thought would work best for me.  The session went smoothly and I was thrilled with my new headshots. I get compliments from casting directors and agents all the time. I have recommended Lev to many of my friends, and those who have shot with him absolutely love their shots.

- Matt W. Cody, actor


I wouldn't offer a sales pitch to fellow actors, who I know spend enough time hearing 'jive talk.'  Gornphoto is the best studio I've visited, and that's primarily because of Lev's patience, desire to capture his subject’s essence and personality, and, of course, their talent.  I appreciate his work, dedication and reliability.  By the way, my first NYC headshot from Lev instantly got the attention of several agents, and I ended up signing exclusively with one.    

- Joshua Olatunde, actor


I spent years shooting with headshot photographers in NY who I hoped would catch the "real me" on camera.  Some were good, others better, but I have to say that Lev Gorn has been, by far, the best.

- Shane LaCoss, actor


I got Lev’s name from The William Esper Studio, a top acting school that we both had attended.  Being an actor himself, Lev understands exactly what you need and puts you at ease in a situation that is usually uncomfortable for most actors.  So far, I’ve received great feedback from my first New York headshots!

- Debbie Kuhn, actor


Lev worked with me to find my best angles and he made me feel beautiful!  Best of all, for a headshot photographer of his caliber, his prices are completely reasonable.  I can't wait to work with him again!  

- Chance Parker, Actress


Lev was open to my ideas, but also gave me the nudges I needed to come out of my shell. He's an expert with everything from choosing clothes and makeup/hair to location and even direction. I've never looked so unself-consciously sexy and beautiful in my headshots!

- Marissa Tiamfook, actor


Lev is a skilled photographer who takes great pictures, yes, but his greatest asset is understanding the importance of chemistry between the actor and photographer.   Lev will make sure the actor connects with him to produce the best results.  I definitely will go back to Lev for my next round of headshots!

- Ikuma Isaac, Actor


From the second I met with Lev at his New York City studio I knew I was in the right hands.  Our discussion of his method and approach to capturing the "perfect headshot" made me feel confident and at ease...and the work was simply outstanding!  If you're looking for a professional who makes you feel relaxed and natural while creating your actor headshots, Lev Gorn is your only choice!"

- Patrick Lundt, actor


"Lev did a great job on my headshots. He's a real pro and understands all aspects of the acting biz, giving you the best look to your advantage. I endorse him 100%"

- Arje Shaw, writer/actor


"I really enjoyed my headshot session with Lev. He is very professional, and his photographs are flattering. He pays attention to composition and details.  I would work with him again and again whenever I’m in NYC. Thank you, Lev!

- Anthea Appel, writer


For actors coming to New York, getting the right headshot is crucial. In my session with Lev Gorn felt comfortable enough to be myself in front of the camera. I felt great, I looked great - and I left with some beautiful photos that capture my very best qualities.  

- Katie Mazzola, actor (Love's Labour's Lost-The Great River Shakespeare Festival)


A Lev Gorn headshot is truly worth its weight in gold.  He has an actor's instinct and an artist's eye that is immediately obvious when you compare his work to any other headshot photographer in New York.

- Jeff Goldenberg, actor/screenwriter


Lev Gorn not only did a great job on my son's headshot when we came to his NYC studio, but he gave him solid advice on how to jumpstart his acting career.....Lev thanks a lot!!!

- Tom Sclafani, father


Lev, you’re one of those naturally great photographers who just knew how to bring out the sexiest, goofiest, real side of me!  The headshots you took of me are killer awesome!  - Sivan Kaynar, actress (Kiss Me Kate, Players Guild, NJ)


I’m a Mexican actress with an Indian name and have a very unique look.  When I came to New York I decided to shoot with Lev because of his reputation and because he has worked in the business for so many years and understands the importance of what a great headshot can do for you in this industry.  I loved my shots the moment I saw them!

- Lakshmi Picazo, actress


Lev never forgets how crucial it is to have fun in the process.  I had an amazing time doing my first NYC  headshots with Lev, he made me feel at ease and relaxed, we laughed our butts off, and the results were fantastic!

- Max Hulsh, actor


Being a very talented actor & filmmaker himself, Lev has a core understanding about what an actor needs from their headshots.  It also doesn't hurt that he's a joy to work with, as his openness and relaxed nature take away the usual stress and anxiety an actor feels when going through this process.

- Peter Welch, actor/writer


"Lev gets right down to YOU as person and as marketable actor when shooting.  He destroys fake smiles and ridiculous plastic poses and replaces them with the warmth and true nature of the actor.  The resulting headshots are priceless."

- Kristin Mellian, actor (Key and Peele)


It's a pleasure working with Lev and this experience will come through in your photos. You want casting directors, agents etc. To see who you really are. That won't happen unless you enjoy your headshot photo shoot. Lev makes the process fun and simple. There's no guesswork and the result is a calculated piece of marketing material that you will use to book work - naturally and effortlessly. With Lev you start with the end in mind. Enjoy your success!

- Adam Shuty, actor


Lev Gorn is nothing short of brilliant! He has a unique style of shooting and he is very funny. He is  friendly and professional and I was able to feel relaxed as he gave me heaps of direction and encouragement. I loved working with him and felt I was able to try new things and express myself fully. Lev caught some very truthful and magical moments in my headshots!

- Nikki Martin, actress


I can honestly say I have never worked with such an inspirational and passionate photographer as I have with Lev Gorn. I am very happy with my headshots and still use them today after 3 years for all my submissions. I work all around the world and do many Films, television and Theater productions.  Lev’s style is perfect for all. Three words: Truly sensational headshots!

- Kate Sullivan, Actress/Producer/Director, (The World’s Fastest Indian)


The bottom line of a Lev Gorn headshot is it will get you opportunities.  I was invited to audition solely based on my headshot!

- Nancy Shane, comedian (The Comeback, Louie, Sex And The City)


A producer told me that I received an audition for a pilot over other people because of my headshot.  I owe this to Lev.  His work will get you in doors.  Plus, you will have many great choices from your proofs.

- Rob Gorden, comedian (Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt, Royal Pains, Touched With Fire)


Every actor knows that the lens of a camera is a very scrutinizing instrument. Because a headshot is such an important tool - it was crucial for me to feel at ease and comfortable with the person behind that lens.  Capturing people in a completely honest state from moment to moment is why Lev ranks among the best photographers in NYC.

- J. Teddy Garces,  Actor


Before you shoot with Lev, he becomes your best friend and makes you feel as comfortable as anyone you've known for years.  He can make the lens fall in love with you and in turn he'll make you love your headshot.  Lev is my friend because of his sincerity and he's my photographer for the same reason.

- Dori Phaff, actress


I'm a journalist living in NYC and I needed a professional headshot asap, so I really appreciated Lev squeezing me into his already busy schedule.  The photos that I received exceeded my expectations. They were stunning and I was overwhelmed by the amount of comments I have gotten on picture’s quality, on how gorgeous he made me look as well as on how he was able to capture my energy.  It was worth every penny for me! So no need to look anywhere else!

- Anya Chapman, journalist


I can’t speak highly enough of Lev’s work, and I would recommend his headshot services to anyone in a heartbeat.

- Stacey Giambastiani, actress  


Lev was an absolute pro - prepared, organized and detail-oriented. On top of all this, he was really fun and easy to work with.  I really like my headshots, as do my agents and manager!

- Tara Moran, actor


Lev is the best! He's wildly talented and makes sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. Best Headshot Photographer in NYC!

- Ashley Morgan Bloom, actor


Simply the best! Better than all the rest! This was the first time I had a chance to work with Lev and he was amazing! Honestly, there is no other photographer that would be a better choice in NYC.

- Jared Garzia, actor


You made me feel really comfortable during my headshots and as a result some of the best pictures I've ever taken with a NY photographer.

- Paul Miller, actor


Lev is the absolute best there is in New York City when it comes to actor headshots. His experience and sense of humor create an environment where you can easily relax and get the great shot you need to get that meeting and audition!  

- Vincent Smith, actor 


Lev you brought out my inner movie star hahaha!  My headshots rock 🙂

- Lara Morton, actor/director


I have had my last two headshot sessions with Lev Gorn. Love the guy. It's not often somebody can get me to laugh and/or smile naturally on-camera; it always used to feel artificial.  Then I met with Lev. He's strong-willed and smart, knows the business, and has very clear ideas on your type and how to approach your session. And his pricing is VERY reasonable, especially by NYC standards. In general, I never thought I'd find a shoot enjoyable until I encountered Lev.

- James Bullard, actor


I needed a professional corporate headshot and decided to go with Lev of GORNPHOTO.   Lev is, hands down one of the best photographers you will ever work with! He is creative, talented and professional and instantly made me feel at ease. His aesthetic is truly unique and brings out your best qualities in a distinctive, beautiful way.  I am thrilled with my headshots and would highly recommend him!  Thanks so much Lev!

- Susan Gorman, manager


One of the most astute, professional, and fun headshot photographers in NYC. the quality of his work is outstanding. Lev is a true artist; and his career as an actor gives him phenomenal insight into how to run a session, and what  to aim for. highly recommended!

- Perri Yaniv, actor