ReTouching in Nyc: GORNPHOTO
ReTouching in Nyc: GORNPHOTO

What Is Retouching?

Your headshot has to show the way you look and feel on your best day. The way you will look on a television or movie screen when you book that awesome acting job!

Your NYC headshot photoshoot was fun and spontaneous, your hair, make-up, wardrobe and photographer were fantastic 🙂  You were lit perfectly - your skin looks smooth, clean and natural, your hairstyle compliments the shape of your face and your head is positioned at its most flattering angle.  You look effortlessly flawless in your new headshot.

So what Happens Next?

This is where the art of Digital Retouching turns a good headshot into a GREAT headshot…

Your photo retoucher uses professional digital retouching software to soften and/or remove skin marks and imperfections while preserving your natural-looking skin texture.  

  • He will clean up darkness and discoloration under the eyes.
  • Smooth out lip and laugh lines.
  • Whiten teeth.
  • Fix unflattering clothing creases.
  • Enhance, neaten and take away fly-away hair.
  • Adjust skin tone and color correct the overall image.
  • Fix skin blemishes such as spots or pimples.
  • Fill in and smooth out eyebrows.
  • Remove oily skin highlights or shine from the skin.

After your headshot has been retouched you can take it to Reproductions and order a billion copies so you could get out there and book that acting job!

ReTouching Nyc: GORNPHOTO
ReTouching Nyc: GORNPHOTO


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