As a young actor in NYC, in my 20's, I had my headshots taken numerous times by different NYC headshot photographers. The pictures were nice, but these new headshots were not getting me into auditions.


I got tired of waiting and decided to take my own headshots!  I enrolled in the INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY in New York City and immersed myself in the study of portrait photography.

Headshots NYC: Lev Gorn

The knowledge that I gathered gave me the technique and understanding of lighting in the studio and on location with various combinations of wardrobe styles and colors and makeup/hair looks.

Then an interesting thing happened - my friend Melissa asked me to take her headshots.  I agreed, but only if she would first discuss her acting career in detail, so that I could structure her headshot session based on Melissa's  professional goals and experiences as an actor living in NYC.  Melissa's pictures came out great and started getting her into audition rooms that were previously closed to her.  


That was the start of my career as a headshot photographer in NYC, and over the course of the past 15 years, GORNPHOTO headshots have become the New York City industry standard.  My personal experience as an actor, as well as a trained photographer, has transformed the headshot photoshoot into a decisive career step for every actor I photograph.     


You know how you feel when you are on stage and all the elements are aligned; when everything is in it's place and your creative juices are flowing freely and you feel perfectly alive in the moment, giving and receiving?  THAT is the experience I will​ create for you in each and every single headshot session.

(Lev Gorn is a series regular on FX's Emmy-nominated drama “The Americans”, filmed right here in NYC.  He has recurring roles on “Madam Secretary” and “NCIS”.  He recently starred in “Ace The Case” with Susan Sarandon, and played the part of Eddie in Woody Allen's film “Cafe Society” - both of which shot right here in NYC.)


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